Korea Electric Power Group jointly Zhejiang TV Easy to buy four groups of products 24 hours sales exceeded 3 million
Release date: 2016-03-28 14:57:56 Views: 7663
March 19, 2016, Zhejiang TV Easy to buy into the Korea Electric Power Corporation, has brought 240 minutes live.

09:50 in the morning, everything is ready. Site host, model, staff, companies should aid team just waiting for boot orders.

10:00 sharp, deputy general manager Han Ning Jinfu refrigerator and each division is responsible for sales people came together, as we turn "into Korea Electric enjoying flagship" trip.

Chapter 1: large capacity four-door flagship smart refrigerator group

Chapter 2: Intelligent thermal drying washing machine flagship group

Chapter 3: Extreme large suction hood flagship gun crew

Chapter 4: Flagship groups for intelligent inverter air conditioner

Bloom in March, the quality of KEPCO.
Zhejiang Satellite TV Good Tesco lead us into the Korea Electric Power Corporation, bringing "originality" real KEPCO.
During the 240 minutes live backstage purchase phone calls within 4 hours sales exceeded 2 million.

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