Korea Electric brand to 6.735 billion worth once again won the Chinese brand value of 500
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2015 Ninth China Top 500 most valuable brand selection activities held in Guangzhou, Korea Electric brand value of 6.735 billion yuan in the leading position in the field of home appliances. With the board as well as the list of Commercial Bank of China, Tencent, Huawei, Alibaba, China Ping An, Baidu, Sinopec and other well-known brands. 2014, "KEPCO" brand to 5.726 billion value was selected the top 500 most valuable Chinese brand, ranks among the top 30 Chinese home appliance brand; the brand value of 17.6% during the year to achieve improvement.
"Ninth China Brand Value Top 500" contest organized by the brand observation magazine, the magazine brand, brand culture magazine, China and other brand-building network jointly initiated and sponsored by a number of national mainstream media, aimed at finding the most valuable Chinese corporate brand.
"Brand value" is a measure of corporate social influence and competitiveness of the comprehensive index, brand value has become the core competitiveness of enterprises. "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" contest has been held to the ninth, the use of income present value assessment method, according to the enterprise where the characteristics of the industry, market conditions, brand market position, brand history and the profitability of the past three years and the future may bring excess profits and other indicators to be assessed.
Korea Electric Group towering 33 contained, intentions to build China's own aircraft appliances, the family members gather 5000 on 170,000 square meters of land to achieve from 0-3000000000 leap, success among the family refrigerator, washing 300 million units, with twice Industry climb speed writing the Korea Electric legend.
In the changing domestic market, Korea Electric adhering to the "brand leader, quality first; winning end, the channel is king" concept, unswervingly implement the brand development strategy. By product transition, the pace of adjustment always walk in the forefront of the industry. Innovative sales model, adhere channels, branches, KA, electricity providers four carriages to keep pace with sales model. In terms of products this year, the grand launch of three new air-cooled refrigerators --BM, TM and SBS series. Abandon the traditional refrigerator direct cooling of the cooling mode, replace the use of advanced air-cooled technology industry, and do your homework in terms of energy saving. Korea Electric washing machine places heat drying, cloud intelligence to the new bright spot for the consumer to open a new era of intelligent life washing machine. Shaping a piece of fine art by cutting-edge technology with the ultimate collision of artistic inspiration. In science and technology, environmental protection, energy, fashion, etc., establish KEPCO leading-edge technology products. At the same time, adhere to quality service to do as a business development, "the first problem." Release 1,3,5 fast service, users must reply to repair information one day, three days must-door, five days must be repaired. Effort to better service, image and enhance credibility.
KEPCO concentrated business 33 carrier, the intention to provide consumers with quality products and services, brand value to achieve 17.6 percent this year to enhance the growth trend also is the best evidence.

■ text / Korea Electric Market Sun Bo
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