Shen, chairman of Dongping Famous accepted Award
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Under the "Zhejiang Province Recognition and Protection Regulations", the jury panel in Zhejiang Province, recently, our company trademark was identified as Zhejiang Administration for Industry "in Zhejiang Province", Cixi City Market Supervisory Authority Deputy Director, Guanhaiwei Branch Secretary Chenqing Bo had come to Division I, the "Zhejiang famous brand" Award. Group Chairman Shen Dongping accepted the Award.
Famous is a corporate reputation, comprehensive reflection of the image and power. In the fierce competition in the market, KEPCO has been adhering to the "branding, quality first; brand extension market, the channel is king" concept, unswervingly implement the brand development strategy. Over the years, KEPCO huge amounts of money to introduce advanced production lines and testing equipment. In science and technology, environmental protection, energy, fashion, etc., establish KEPCO leading-edge technology products. In the channels, build a strong sales network throughout the country, and established nearly 40 branches. Homeopathic also opened other new electricity supplier sales model, with the Lynx, Jingdong, Amazon and other cooperation platforms, making it yet another Korean brand electric force points. Meanwhile, Korea Electric adhere to quality service to do as a business development, "the first issue" in the country set up nearly 3,000 professional repair outlets, and the establishment of Korea Electric CRM service system to provide telephone repair, network repair and many other special services the implementation of "Urban 24 hours, the town 48 hours, 72 hours in remote mountainous areas," the perfect customer service experience, and strive to better service, image and enhance credibility.
The award of Zhejiang Province, is my company over the years strict quality management, enthusiastic service users, and unswervingly implement the brand strategy to win the return, which will further enhance the Korea Electric brand awareness and reputation of society, and enhance market competitiveness force.
Brand of the road, the pursuit of excellence. KEPCO has been positive and steady pace towards the front.

Deputy director of Cixi City Market Supervisory Authority, Guanhaiwei bureau chief for the Division I Award
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