Korea Electric washing machine sales booming
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2015 appliance market suffered winter, washing machine is also true. KEPCO will end washing machine market opened, washing machine orders, but flooding the trend growth, face flying speed orders how to do ......
Production system earlier this washing machine to be prepared, in early June 2015 they completed the equipment modification, which is the transformation of the equipment to verify the effect of the best time. Enter August washing machine OEM, foreign trade, domestic trade, e-commerce orders continued to arrive. Washing machine in the case of only one line of the body, single-shift production, ushered in a new challenge in 2015 washing machine sales season.
Pre is forearmed, without prejudging the waste.

Washer adhere to establish the "order than days" concept. Production program director Shao Zaifeng shuttle coordination between OEM, KA, trade, foreign trade, production planning was well arranged and orderly article. At the same time every day at 3:00 pm will be organized order review, purchasing, injection molding, warehousing and other departments of the T-3 material site handover. Quality insist on doing every day T-1 quality budget to ensure that the next production problems resolved in advance in place. It is because he insisted to do so, only to protect the daily plant production material is not stagnant, market orders without delay delivery, not because of quality problems and stop lines.
Injection workshop equipment, molds play the greatest capacity, to guarantee washing machine order demand. Code of assembly plant director Sun Yi led his team in order to meet market orders without complaint, the record has been renewed. September just bite the next piece of hard bone of 61,983 washing machines, a new monthly high of Korea Electric washing machine production. Washer month shipments reached 59,376 units, 1--9 in shipments grew 40.36%.
The assembly plant in October 6 is to create a single class (9.5 hours) 2708 sets a new record high, efficiency of 12.63 seconds / Taiwan, maintained the highest record in Zhejiang province washing machine industry, middle class, the efficiency of the country, the washing machine industry also in the forefront. After the transformation line body withstood the new tests to prove the necessity of line body transformation, effectiveness!
9-10 parts per year are annual sales, production critical period. Into the washing machine and the brightest in September orders for a thousand arrows shot, production orders usher in greater challenges. Production systems in terms of human, machine, material, method, etc. well in advance of the production budget, deployment of a good mold, equipment capacity to play a threshold level, to ensure market order zero delays, zero-turning package quality issues. Washer staff makes a concerted effort to new heights. Through data analysis, 2015 annual sales of washing machines will achieve an increase of 40%.
Korea Electric washing machine is because of this team together and innovative and enterprising spirit, will continue to trade in the region created one of the first. Korea would like to have a more powerful electric washing machine off, willing Korea Electric Group has won a higher market reputation!
■ text / washing machine Manager's Office
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